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Sup, haven't made a thread in a really long time. I should be studying for my finals coming up next week but I decided to take a break.

Here's how it's going to play out for me.
Tomorrow, study for my psychobiology class (my toughest class), then go to my school to watch a jazz band play for my other class (jazz history), on Tuesday I have a final for jazz history but it's a really easy class that I don't need to bother studying, however I do have a couple of assignments to complete for it (the jazz concert I'm going to attend tomorrow I have to write a report on, and another assignment I'm going to complete tonight). I'm going to spend the rest of Tuesday, after my jazz history final, studying for psychobiology because it comes the next day. Finally, after my psychobiology finals I'm going to study for my American Politics class (it's not too difficult of a class but it's all short essay questions making guessing a bit tricky..). Then...freedom..I have my spring break. I'm not sure how I'm going to use it but I want to enjoy my time not having to think of school.

I got to thinking about where I was this time of year last year. I was about to have finals too but I wasn't this applied to school as I feel I am now. Maybe it's my classes getting a bit harder, requiring me to study more, because I don't remember studying to this capacity last year--I'd do things last minute more often than not..

I guess I was just thinking how much I feel I've changed even compared to last year-ish. I was just some punk kid not too heavily invested in school. Hell, I was pretty narrow minded when it came to my forms of entertainment and now I want to broaden them too. If it wasn't underground, punk, or anything like that I'd dismiss it. I'd watch those lame B movies or cult films. And was really interested in the alternative life style. None of that really appeals to me anymore.

I'm just pondering that myself a year or two ago would be wanting to go outside for a smoke while I listened to some shitty punk band like Butthole Surfers or Teenage head, or lame grunge like Nirvana lol. And here I am right now, listening to Hip-Hop and indie/electronic pop, studying instead. Man, my priorities really have changed.

I have a lot of people to thank and be grateful for, and it might be really lame but I'm really grateful for this group of internet friends who've been really supportive--we all support each other. Bless them, good bunch of lads they are (one who's particularly special to me). It's neat to see how all of us have evolved over time.

TLDR: don't be a lazy f*ck and read it all. Or don't, that's fine too.
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this little graphic comes to mind:

good luck with finals! We'll have fun over the brake! Your internet gang is proud of you, keep doing your best. 

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