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because it's "your story". History, IGN/class reasons, fanfics, *anything*

I was looking through my scraps list on basil and found this, saved from a PM i was writing to my mariasu:

"Basic summary is that my bishop is a transexual who was engaged to my I/L for years. They're married now, but she's still a shameless flirt while the I/L is too laid-back to care. He spends his time sitting in Ardentmill, watching the noobs try to make a living off their day jobs while pondering the meaning of life on his corgi chair. Or at least, that's what it looks like to bystanders. He's really thinking about what pet food tastes like.

Meanwhile, bishie hits on Marksman all the time because she can't resist MM's ridiculously gorgeous fishie eyes. MM is completely oblivious to it all and ignores people. All she cares about is being the next to earn Dalair's approval and be rewarded with the Horntail Slayer medal. Her true love lies in the teddybear she picked up from a lonely ice town, as well as the overly joyful sushi thing on her head who helps plot the downfall of everyone around her. She is a masquerade of cutesyness and everyone will die because of it.

Her allure is too much for Kanna, who fell desperately in love with MM the minute she landed from medieval Japan and laid eyes on the kawaii crossbow-wielding fiend. Kanna is super shy and secretly wishes she were as outgoing as the bishie, whom she witnesses hitting on MM all the time. She watches quietly from afar with those intelligent red asian eyes and weeps to herself inside. Kanna frequently tags along to MM's Root Abyss runs in hope of getting to know her better, not realising that she's a mere filler because the RA doors only allow entry in parties of 2 or more."

Yus. Chronicles of MapleStory Love ft. ShyRyan, boobifuI, S3XBOWS and dearestt.

tl;dr i spend too much time making up backstories for my characters

Your turn
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I'm you from yesterday after tomorrow's newyear. 
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Nikko made a Dark Knight named baestation so he could flirt with all the fly honeys at hene and have several baes.
idk how to do these xD
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Typed up a story but internet crashed and lost it all, and for some reason Lazurus doesn't work here QQ

I remember this from when you showed me your item scrolling collection xd And now you're a kawaii little kitty gungirl MM :v

"Shadowers are speed. Speed! Speed! Speed! The little bandit told himself as he dreamed of the day he could become a shadower. However, on his long journey he met a feisty little fighter who would always pick on him for being so weak. She followed him around and KS'd him, making it so he couldn't train at all, while she grew stronger and stronger. But years of hard work finally paid off, the little bandit advanced into a chief bandit. With his new skills he became faster! Much faster! Speed! Now he had it! Not the speed a shadower would have, but he speed. The fighter was now a crusader, she was even stronger than before but she could not keep up with his speed. She was no longer able to pick on him. She went to get the help of her friend, a sniper that was training to become a Marksman after meeting a super sexy seductive MM from another world. Now with the help of a long ranged attacker, the now feisty crusader could now pick on the now chief bandit again! However, now the chief bandit has his own friend, one who he consideres his kawaii imouto. A busty little kitty xenon that he had fed pet food to while she was starving. She was originally a kitty pet, but after being saved by the chief bandit she transformed into a xenon to repay his kindness. With the xenon beautifully dancing and whipping it back and forth everywhere, not even the combined might of the crusader and sniper could bully the chief bandit. 

One day a dual blader saw the xenon, and loving little busy girls, he kidnapped her. Now with no one to help the chief bandit, the crusader saw it as the perfect time to begin bullying him again. But now the chief bandit had become a shadower, and faster than before, he r*ped her. 

The end :v"

There was more, but I forgot it :v
Forgot what I put for the Zenith saga QwQ
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North: Nikko made a Dark Knight named baestation so he could flirt with all the fly honeys at hene and have several baes.
idk how to do these xD

Did you succeed in acquiring such a harem?
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I copied and pasted mine from Basil

Satomi Ibuki
Age: 15
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Green
Clothing: A sky blue jacket and a white scarf. Black pants and sky blue boots.
Personality: She is simple and can be very airheaded. Normally someone like her would do horribly at academia, but since she has incredibly good memory, it makes up for her sleeping every time she picks up a book. She easily trusts people but she won't hesitate to attack a traitor. She is also irresponsible and comes late often. Despite her airheadedness, she is hardworking. She also is pretty righteous.
Abilities: She is a good dual swordsman and has the ability to use wind magic. She is also incredibly fast.

Izumi Ibuki
Age: 21
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Clothing: A catholic priestess uniform.
Personality: She is a lot different from her sister. She is responsible and very motherly. She takes things seriously and can be skeptical. She is also hardworking like her sister but she would do anything to protect her sister.
Abilities: She is a good swordsman (only one though) and uses a blade that can change temperature allowing her to use fire and ice based attacks.

They are both half-demon sisters but because Satomi was born with blue hair instead of the usual white, her mother gave her up hoping that Satomi could live her passing as a human. Izumi always wandered about Satomi as a child.

Izumi worked hard to become a high member of the church despite being born a demon. After finding her younger sister, she develops Yandere (non-romantic) feelings towards her sister and can be overprotective at times. She worries a lot about Satomi given Satomi can be airheaded.

I might add more but questions are still welcomed
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Ain't nobody got time for this
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Back when my paladin was all pink my headcanon was that he was the pink power ranger who got lost in space in a mega robot fight and wound up in maplestory.

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haha they should make a character story section in the game where you write a funny story about your character
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