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\r\n [h1]To be reviewed and revised.[/h1]\r\n\r\n [b]Rule #1 – Respecting members[/b]\r\n\r\n Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This should go without saying, but treat others like you would like to be treated. Inciting arguments or flame wars with other users or staff may result in your comment being deleted and a suspension depending on the severity.\r\n\r\n [i]Explanation: I don’t really think this needs an explanation, but I would (and I’m sure everyone else) like for the forum to be a place where everybody is welcome. Negativity reflects badly on the image of our community, which wouldn’t help with growth.[/i]\r\n\r\n [b]Rule #2 – Spam[/b]\r\n\r\n Please refrain from spamming. This means posting irrelevant or off-topic posts that do not add to the subject matter. Additionally, the forum language is English. Please refrain from using other languages outside of private messages.\r\n\r\n [i]Explanation: These posts don’t add to anything, and are generally posted for likes. Nobody likes spam. Regarding the forum language, this is set because other languages would require more work from the moderators.[/i]\r\n\r\n [b]Rule #3 – Advertising [/b]\r\n\r\n [i]Under Review[/i]\r\n\r\n [b]Rule #4 – Inappropriate Content[/b]\r\n\r\n This includes discussion and/or linking to any related content of:\r\n\r\n \r\n -          Hacking\r\n \r\n -          Illegal activities (such as drug use)\r\n \r\n -          Plagiarism\r\n \r\n Pirated software, torrents\r\n \r\n           Unnecessary excessive swearing\r\n\r\n\r\n [i]Explanation: These are to adhere to [url=https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182?hl=en]Adsense policies[/url], without such we wouldn’t be able to keep this site afloat![/i]\r\n\r\n [b]Rule #5 – Market Abuse[/b]\r\n\r\n Do not partake in any activities which would hinder the market experience for others. This includes making fake offers, creating accounts to boost feedback, creating fake listings. Depending on the severity, this may result in a permanent ban.\r\n\r\n [b]Rule #6 – Personal Information[/b]\r\n\r\n \r\n This includes:\r\n \r\n Home addresses\r\n \r\n Phone numbers\r\n
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